yellowcloud/CC BY 2.0

‘Living Stone’ Succulents

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What looks like a rock, but is really a plant? Succulents are the current celebrity of the windowsill gardening world, and one of the stand-out varieties is the lithop. This bulbous genus of succulent is known for its resemblance to a colorful stone, earning it a number of fun nicknames, including “pebble plant.”

On the outside, the plants look like colorful rocks you might find in their native South Africa, or maybe even a weird little brain, but on the inside they are as satisfyingly squishy as any succulent. Despite looking like a precious gem, lithops can also produce a flower from between their rounded halves.

Whatever you call them, a small cluster of lithops is sure to make you the envy of your friends and other indoor gardening enthusiasts.

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