As anxiety runs high during these tense times it may be difficult to keep your wits in check. But regardless of the problems and fears that have you panicked (and even sleep deprived), it’s important to pause and reflect on the amazing wonders our world has to offer. The video above compiles extravagant, soothing shots of a stellar view of Earth that will leave you mesmerized and inspired.    

The time lapse was captured by NASA’s four special low-light, high-definition cameras on the International Space Station as it makes its orbit around the planet. Accompanied by calming instrumental music, it features some of the best shots from the Image Science and Analysis Laboratory at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Incredible views of natural phenomena from 2011 expeditions show the expansive Sahara Desert, the gentle green shimmer of Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, and flickering storms over oceans from space. At the 40-second mark you can see the fiery orange glow of city lights shining through dense swirling clouds. The whole experience makes you feel infinitesimally small. 

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