In Paterson, New Jersey, on Thursday morning, the people of Mill Street saw a surprising creature walking the block—a very large cat that they weren’t quite able to identify.

“One person said it was a tiger,” an animal control officer told The Record. “And a few said it was a bobcat.”

Either way, the cat was much larger than any stray cat one might normally expected to be seen on the streets of Paterson.

Animal control had to tranquilize the cat, which was “out of control,” they told The Record, in order to nab it. The cat then went to Wildlife Freedom, in Wanaque, New Jersey, where it’s being held until the state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife can arrange for different housing. The cat, according to the owner of Wildlife Freedom, is an F1 Savannah Cat, a type of mixed breed that has a serval cat as a father.

These cats are sometimes bought as pets—for a price, which can go up to $30,000. Supposedly they’re more interactive than regular old disdainful house cats. Presumably the cat has an owner but he hasn’t come forward yet. A local CBS station may have tracked him down:

One man claimed to know its owner, and said the cat escaped.

“He left the window open and went back in. Everybody know him, it’s always on the window. Real nice cat,” he said.

But when the station tried to reach the alleged owner, he hung up on the reporter. The state’s committed to caring for the cat until its owner is found, the Associated Press reports.