After months of dechiphering, the final mystery of Gravity Falls has been solved. And those fools let a baby shake the villain Bill Cipher’s hand.

The popular Disney Channel cartoon ended earlier this year, but creator Alex Hirsch seeded one last mystery to solve. With little more than an image of a statue of the multiversal villain Bill Cipher, Hirsch started a months-long scavenger hunt among fans to try and solve the final mystery.

And early Wednesday morning, a number of devoted puzzlers finally located the Cipher statue in an undisclosed wooded area. Actor Jason Ritter, who voiced the character Dipper Pines on the show, tweeted the news:

Buried at the foot of the statue was a treasure chest full of plastic jewels and coins, as well as a quickly appropriated sash labeled “Mayor of Gravity Falls.” In addition, there was a note from Hirsch himself—which could only be read under blacklight—thanking the fans who found the chest, as well as a framed sketch. There was also a USB drive, but its contents remain a mystery.

Much bigger than it seems in images, the puzzlers let everyone, children included, shake hands with the arcane statue. Which means, likely, that, one day, Bill Cipher will rise again.