Deep in the waters of British Columbia’s Fraser River lurks a creature straight out of myth. He’s longer than a tall man, and wider around than a curbside mailbox. His nose is totally flat, from some unimaginable altercation. This is Pig Nose—a 650-pound sturgeon who haunts the the town of Lillooet, tempting sportsmen even as he weaves through their nightmares.

“This fish has been the talk of fishing and sporting goods shops for years,” Jeff Grimolfson, another river guide, told Global News Canada. But on Tuesday, the outlet reports, river guide Nick McCabe brought the legend to the surface: he reeled in Pig Nose.

McCabe’s coworkers at River Monster Adventures have dubbed him “the sturgeon whisperer,” because he can catch pretty much any fish he puts his mind to. To get Pig Nose, the 19-year-old took a group of clients downstream from town. It took the group two hours to pull him in.

McCabe and his clients were careful with the fish, who is pushing 80. They took photos and measurements, and scanned his ID microchip, implanted during a previous victory of man over fish. And then, as befits a true legend, they let him go. As Grimolfson says, “the living legend has been captured and lives on.”

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