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Milan, Italy

Dancing Bull of Good Fortune

Third time's a charm, or in this case, two testicles are.
Adelaide, Australia

Rundle Lantern

An iconic work of public art that lights up the downtown area.
Adelaide, Australia

'A Day Out'

These bronze sculptures sow whimsy by hamming it up on a pedestrian mall.
Wilmington, Australia

Alligator Gorge

The evolution of a simple creek cutting its way through an ochre mountain side.
Wilmington, Australia

Sansouci Puppet Museum

This small town museum is home to the largest collection of puppets in Australia.
Callanna, Australia

Marree Man

Not a single witness can attest to the creation of the world's largest geoglyph.
Callanna, Australia

Mutonia Sculpture Park

Lonely industrial sculptures in South Australia created by a mechanic turned artist.
Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy

An opal mining town in the middle of Australia where people live, worship, and shop underground.
Coober Pedy, Australia

Crocodile Harry's Underground Nest & Dugout

This eccentric cave dwelling is bizarre even by the standards of a subterranean town.
Mount Barry, Australia

Dingo Fence

The longest fence in the world stretches over 3,000 miles to keep the dingoes out.
Woomera, Australia

Woomera Range Complex

Bomb tests and sheep ranchers share the world's largest military land base.
Wudinna, Australia

'Australian Farmer'

A representation of the region's rich agrarian history.
Caiguna, Australia

Caiguna Blowhole

One of the breathing caves of Australia's Nullarbor Plain.
Balladonia, Australia

Balladonia Heritage Museum

A chunk of Skylab debris adorns this small museum at a roadside motel in Western Australia.
Nullarbor, Australia

Old Nullarbor Roadhouse

This restored station garage allows visitors to step back in time at this remote outpost on the Nullarbor Plain.
Penong, Australia

Penong Windmill Museum

A tiny town's spinning, whirling propeller collection holds Australia's largest windmill.
Penong, Australia

Lake Macdonnell

This salt lake was a former mine site and now attracts visitors for its remarkable pink colors.
Mortana, Australia

Murphy’s Haystacks

These oddly shaped pink granite formations got their name after being mistaken for massive piles of hay.
Coolgardie, Australia

Ben Prior Park

One of the largest open-air museums in Western Australia.     
Kalgoorlie, Australia

The World's Tallest Bin

Although not officially the world's tallest bin, this giant trash receptacle was designed to stop littering.
Norseman, Australia

Disappointment Rock

No one seems to know who suffered the disappointment at this particular place.
Widgiemooltha, Australia

Widgiemooltha Golden Eagle Nugget

A roadside replica of the largest single piece of gold ever found in Western Australia.
Norseman, Australia

Tin Camel Roundabout

A tribute to the role camels played in the region's industrial development.
Esperance, Australia

Skylab’s Remains

A tiny museum in Esperance, Australia, displays a bunch of space debris from NASA’s Skylab.