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Perth, Scotland

Smeaton's Bridge

Several bricks indicate the various flood levels this crossing has survived over the centuries.
Perth, Scotland

North Inch

In 1396, two Scottish clans that had been violently feuding for centuries finally faced off in a bloody battle in this park.
Edinburgh, Scotland

'Center of Edinburgh' Bollard

This mundane post marks the old location of the city's main postal hub.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Calton Cemetery

A 18th century graveyard and its astonishing cortege of macabre iconography.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Regent Bridge

A roadway designed for a visiting monarch.
Musselburgh, Scotland

'The Musselburgh Archer'

A sculpture dedicated to the Roman history steeped in a Scottish town.
Musselburgh, Scotland

‘Memory and Reflection’

A shiny sculpture celebrating the mighty mollusk.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Coade Stone Columns

It's a mystery how these curious columns wound up in an Edinburgh suburb.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Dewar Monument

A controversial cenotaph dedicated to a local physician with an unscrupulous past.
Edinburgh, Scotland

The Porty Light Box

An iconic red telephone box turned tiny art gallery.
Wiltshire, England

The Skeletons of Stonehenge

Ancient human remains unearthed around the iconic monument.
Wiltshire, England


The first archaeological site discovered by aerial photography.
Stockbridge, England

Danebury Hillfort

One of the most studied Iron Age settlements in Europe.
Glasgow, Scotland

The Witch's Skull

One of the city's oldest pubs displays a skull said to belong to the country's last witch burned at the stake.
Glasgow, Scotland

Provand's Lordship

The oldest house in Glasgow is now a museum dedicated to the city's medieval history.
Lyon, France

Metallic Tower of Fourvière

Lyon's miniature version of the Eiffel Tower was built as a statement in support of French secularism.
Aosta, Italy

Aosta Roman Theatre

An ancient theatre in the "little Rome of the Alps."
Saint-Denis, Italy

Barmaz Ghost Village

An abandoned village that resides along the mountains of the Aosta Valley.
Berlin, Germany

‘Trains to Life – Trains to Death’

A haunting contrast of trains that both saved and took the lives of Jewish children in Nazi Germany.
Glasgow, Scotland

Meikle Bin Plane Crash Site

The remains of a 70-year-old military aircraft crash landing still sit on this Scottish hillside.
Bir el Maliha, Israel

Kushi's Pundak 101

This legendary roadside attraction feels like a bizarre mirage, 101 kilometers outside the resort city of Eilat.
Glasgow, Scotland

George Square Imperial Measurements

A small collection of objects of a bygone era hide in plain view.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Bakehouse Close

This alley off Edinburgh's Royal Mile contains remnants of the city's seedier history.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Golfer's Land

A British plaque explains that a house was built using the spoils of the first international golf bet.