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Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

This zombie-themed restaurant stands out in the heart of corn country. 


Lifeless eyes gaze out from the walls as you eat your burger and slurp down a spiked “adult” milkshake from a blood-splattered table – you are in zombie country.

The restaurant is covered in movie posters and artwork depicting zombies, and life-sized zombie sculptures appear to lurch toward you as you wait to be seated. Making sure to capture the humor as well as the gore of the genre, the menu, drink specials, and even the employees’ ever-changing costumes reflect the blood-soaked goofiness of zombie culture.

While being surrounded by images of body parts and carnage might be unappetizing for some, horror fans are likely to appreciate the barrage of gore, not to mention the axes and “boomsticks” lining the walls – just in case.

However, despite all this, the experience is basically a standard restaurant with some horror-themed tricks. So while offbeat, don’t go expecting a truly otherworldly experience. 

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