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Zaníyaŋ Yutȟókča (Brave Change)

A public art project at Bde Maka Ska that educates visitors on Dakota history. 


The Zaníyaŋ Yutȟókča (Brave Change) art exhibit commemorates indigenous Dakota culture. It’s located near the former site of Ḣeyate Otuŋwe (Village to the Side), a historical Dakota agricultural colony on the southeast shore.

Stamps on the sidewalk depict and name images significant to Dakota culture, including tatanka (buffalo) and psíŋ (wild rice). Decorative railings line the sidewalk, depicting more indigenous plants and various Dakota phrases. The path leads to the Four Directions Circle, a gathering place next to the lake oriented according to the cardinal directions and featuring large seating stones.

Panels provide further information on Ḣeyate Otuŋwe and its founder, Mahpiya Wicasta (Cloud Man).

The lake, Bde Maka Ska, was restored to its original Dakota name in 2019 after years of public controversy. The Zaníyaŋ Yutȟókča installation is part of a larger effort to highlight the Dakota history of the area.

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