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World’s Longest Car Wash

255 feet of suds, scrubbers, and blow dryers. 


When most people go to the car wash, they see it as a chore rather than a novel, entertaining experience. But if you live in Katy, Texas, you can get your ride cleaned to perfection while also checking a Guinness World Record off your bucket list by visiting the newest Buc-ee’s attraction: the world’s longest car wash.

When they say everything’s bigger in Texas, they ain’t kidding. At a length of 255 feet—just 15 yards shy of an entire football field—the massive car wash at the Buc-ee’s convenience store of Katy, Texas, is truly the leader of lathering and the sorcerer of scrubbing.

The world’s longest car wash, which opened just this year and cost upwards of $3 million to build, features 25 brushes, 17 high-powered blow dryers, and suds in pink, yellow, and blue. It takes five minutes to go through the entire building and  can accommodate up to 16 cars at a time.

So, if your car gets dusty from a day trip to Hamilton Pool or a visit to Palo Duro Canyon, head over to the world’s longest car wash to enjoy a squeaky clean ride in record-breaking style.

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