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World's Largest Teapot

Chester, West Virginia

First a root beer ad, then a golf course clubhouse, and finally a massive teapot. 


The “World’s Largest Teapot” began as a gargantuan barrel advertising Hires Root Beer in Pennsylvania in the early 1900s. Later, it served as a clubhouse for the Big Barrel Links miniature golf course. Finally, in 1938, William “Babe” Devon purchased the barrel, shipped it to Chester, West Virginia, and added a spout and handle.

The teapot, which stands at about 14 feet high and 14 feet in diameter, stood outside Devon’s pottery outlet store for many years. Pottery shoppers could buy refreshments and souvenirs from the concession stand set up inside the pot, and it became a much-beloved roadside attraction.

The teapot went out of business in 1980, prompting the Chester City Council to rally to save the charming marker. In the spring of 1990, it was moved to its current location and underwent considerable renovation, including a new spout, new flooring, and reframed windows and doors. The “knob” at the top of the teapot had originally been a glass ball, but a gold-painted basketball took its place. Fortunately, a new plastic ball was found.

Residents of Chester have continued to maintain the attraction. Following another round of restorations, Chester celebrated the first-ever World’s Largest Teapot Day on August 8th, 2015. The teapot was opened to sell concessions for the first time in almost 50 years. And it didn’t celebrate the landmark alone. In July of 2015, a small creamer was installed beside the teapot. No word on sugar.



Know Before You Go

Along US 30, before the Chester exit ramp.

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