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World's Largest Surfboard

This monster board rode a monster wave to break two world records. 


A 42-foot long Orange County surfboard holds the world record for the “World’s Largest Surfboard.”

On June 22, 2015, 66 people rode an epic wave in Huntington Beach for 12 seconds, breaking not one but two world records: one for most people riding a surfboard at once, and the other for the world’s largest surfboard. (A bunch of overachievers, these surfers, their attempt only had to last 10 seconds to count.) The Huntington Beach team, that included a local congressman, took the crown with a wide margin - only 47 people fit on the Australian board that took the title in 2009.

In order for a board to qualify under the rules laid out by the Guinness Book of World Records,  it must be a “scaled up” version of a traditional surfboard, using the same structure and materials. A dedicated team worked for months to ensure that the big board could perform. Its design is inspired by the work of Australian surfboard shaper Nev Hyman. Orange County boat builders Westerly Marine and mouldCAM of Rhode Island built the massive, 42’ 1/4” long, 11’ 1” wide and 16” thick streamlined board, and finishing touches were applied by local Huntington Beach surf aficionados. The finished product had to be lifted into the ocean by forklift.

Today, the so-called Biggest Board is proudly on display outside the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, California, a town that clearly isn’t messing around when it comes to defending their title as Surf City, USA.  

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