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World's Biggest Chair

Lucena, Spain

Holding the current title of "biggest chair in the world," it stands with little fanfare in Lucena, Spain. 


The fight for the title of the world’s largest chair is a competitive one. Beginning in 1905 with a 12-foot chair in Massachusetts, there has been a non-stop process of continual one-upsmanship.

Like having the world’s tallest building, having the world’s largest chair tells the world that your town has arrived and is worth something. At one time Morristown, Tennessee; Bennington, Vermont; Washington, DC; and Thomasville, North Carolina have all claimed the world’s largest chair. Now, Lucena, Spain can add itself to that list.

With a height equivalent to an eight-story building, (85 feet tall) the Lucena giant chair, just edges out its German competition. It weighs 120,000 kilograms, and uses 230 cubic meters of timber (which could make roughly 9200 normal seats). The giant chair was built by the Huertas brothers and stands outside of, where else, a chair factory.

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