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World's Largest Thermometer

This giant temperature attraction created some giant electric bills. 


The mad dream of one businessman, the world’s largest thermometer is in actuality an electric sign that commemorates one of the hottest days ever in Death Valley.

Rising out of a small parking lot in the aptly named town of Baker, California, the thermometer stands at exactly 134 feet tall in honor of a 134 degree record heat in 1913. Originally commissioned by a local business owner, the sign once told the active temperature in the area, but over the years, this function ceased to work. There is a diner, a convenience store, and even a gift shop around the base of the landmark. Unfortunately the sign is currently unlit and for sale as the previous owner reported an electric bill of around $8,000 which sales from the gift shop could apparently not sustain.  

However as of June 2014 the thermometer displays the correct temperature again.

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