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Worden's Ledges

Hinckley, Ohio

Faces carved into the cliffs create an otherworldly walking trail. 


An ancient ocean created these sandstone cliffs in the middle of the woods. They’ve since been transformed into enchanting, almost otherworldly artwork by a modern human hand.

These ledges, called Worden’s Ledges, were named after an old owner of the land, Hiram Worden. It was originally believed that Frank Worden, Hiram’s son, created the stone figures. However, they were later revealed to be the work of Noble Stuart, Worden’s son-in-law.

Stuart began carving the rock figures after marrying Nettie Worden in the 1940s. The images are a blend of historical figures and people from Stuart’s life. A schooner honors his father, and a cross and Bible were carved to honor Nettie, who only left the Worden homestead when going to church.

You’ll find something new every time you visit Worden’s Ledges. Carvings and sculptures seem to wait around every turn. You’ll spot the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ty Cobb, as well as a pirate ship, a guardian sphinx, Christ on a Crucifix, a Native American throwing a tomahawk, Hiram Worden, and many other interesting things hidden in the cliffside.

There are multiple entrances to the trail. If you’re lucky you might see a few horses or deer. The woods connect to Whipps Ledges, which is also a hot spot for adventurers.

Know Before You Go

The park is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. The Worden's Ledges Loop Trail is 0.7 miles long. The hike isn't difficult, but sensible walking shoes are advised. A trail map can be found here

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