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Woman Hollering Creek

Saint Hedwig, Texas

A tiny waterway named after a ghost story. 


Between Seguin and San Antonio off Interstate 10, there is a little body of water with an unusual name, “Woman Hollering Creek.” Legend has it the name came from the ghostly screeches of a forlorn woman that could be heard there late at night.

The story probably came from the Latin American myth of La Llorona (“The Weeping Woman”). Her husband is said to have left her for another woman and in a fit of rage she drowned all of her children. Upon realizing her actions, the woman drowned herself. When she reached the Gates of Heaven, she was told she could not enter until she found all of her children. Now she is cursed to walk along the riverside for all of eternity, wailing in anguish for her babies. Further legend has it that if you get too close to the water, the hollering woman may grab you and drag you in, hoping that you are her child. 

Alternatively, some people think that it’s just a creek where an upset woman used to go and holler when she was pissed at her husband. If you’re down by Woman Hollering Creek and you hear a lady’s spine-tingling cry, don’t worry, it’s probably just the wind… right?

Know Before You Go

Drive south on I10 from Seguin toward San Antonio, Tx.

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