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Winlock Egg

Winlock, Washington

The world's largest egg has been cracked a number of times over the years but has been repeatedly replaced. 


The gem of the Washington city of Winlock is a massive egg that has lasted for almost a hundred years in multiple incarnations.

The Winlock Egg was first built in the 1920s to celebrate the area’s booming egg industry. Constructed out of canvas drawn over a wooden frame, the oversized ovum was paraded around on a float before being covered in plaster and put on permanent display. Unfortunately, the flimsy construction was not to last and the first egg was eventually replaced with a plastic recreation in the 40’s. Much like a chicken fetus, the egg continued to evolve and was again replaced by a fiberglass model in the 60’s. However, this version was thought to look too much like a football and the current cement edition was finally constructed in 1991.

Deemed the “World’s Largest Egg” by Ripley’s Believe It or Not in 1989, the Winlock Egg is a beloved attraction and was even painted red, white, and blue after 9/11, making it the area’s de facto memorial to the tragedy. The egg has since been repainted its original white color and remains a “eggs-celent” roadside attraction.     

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