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Whistler Train Wreck

The remains of a Canadian train crash are now mouldering beneath layers of rust and graffiti. 


Located along a hiking trail south of Whistler, British Columbia are a handful of crushed train cars that derailed from some nearby tracks and were simply left to rot away among the lush Canadian greenery. 

It was in 1956 that the train was speeding down the tracks with a load too heavy, going over twice as fast as it was supposed to. Given these factors, one of the cars ended up curling one of the tracks and the train partly derailed, grinding to a halt. The damaged cars were not flung from the tracks but instead had to be hauled off in a clean-up operation that moved the wrecks a bit deeper into the forest. Since the surrounding wildlife was not majorly damaged or destroyed, the cars were nearly instantly buried hidden in the overgrowth. 

Since the crash, the cars have become a favorite spot for graffiti artists and hikers looking to take in a bit of lovely ruination. Unfortunately, accessing the train requires trespassing on government land as well as crossing potentially dangerous tracks. In fact, so many people were using the tracks as a path to reach the train cars that the police forced the local tourism site to stop listing the location.

However, the cars remain, continually becoming ever more colorful and consequently more interesting.

Know Before You Go

Go to Olive's Market Whistler.
Find the trail going west along the water.
Follow the trail west and then southwest for 3km to reach the site.

** For safety and legality, do not attempt to walk across the train tracks.

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