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Victorious Fatherland War Museum

A vast museum devoted to North Korea's victories against its imperialist enemies. 


Like a big pat on the back, the Victorious Fatherland War Museum is devoted to remembering all the victories in North Korea’s struggles against its imperialist enemies, the Japanese and the Americans. 

There are exhibits devoted to conquests such as the USS Pueblo captured in 1968—its shattered glass and large bullet holes are on display, and visitors can board the ship and listen to dramatic accounts of how it was taken (omitting accounts about the torture the crew endured for months d). Within the building there is a 360-degree diorama of the Battle of Daejon, and you can find accounts of how America caused the two halves of Korea to become parted, and hopes for a successful reunion.

The building and outdoor complex are on the vast, grand scale that one expects of North Korea. Visitors are guided through the museum by the military as well as their own guards.

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October 28, 2016

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