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Värmdö SO, Sweden

This spa shower is an interactive art piece that reflects the feeling of Scandinavian seasons. 


Spas often have a wide range of facilities, from pools to saunas. Art is usually part of the decor, but it is quite rare to see the two merged into one facility. But at Sweden’s Djurönäset spa, an interactive art installation is part of the experience.

The upplevelsdusch, or “next level shower,” lets its users experience the ever-changing weather of Scandinavia. The shower provides three preprogrammed experiences, representing the Nordic spring, summer, and autumn. It achieves this by releasing combinations of hot and cold water streams, accompanied by mist, changing colors, and forest smells. Each program lasts about four minutes and is best described as uncomfortable—just like being caught in the rain outside. So in a way, it captures that feeling well.

The design of Djurönäset is based on the architectural competition contribution “Fresh air”, therefore the buildings are precisely designed to stimulate creativity, working spirit, and well-being.


Know Before You Go

The shower is freely accessible for visitors of the Djurönäset spa. See the website for prices. 


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