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Umi Statue

Aurora, Colorado

This depiction of the earth mother welcomes new life into Aurora Highlands. 


In the planned community of Aurora Highlands, on the corner of Hogan Park, stands a fascinating statue. Standing at 21 feet tall, it rises up to the height of a two-story building. Clothed in roots and wearing a dreaming, trance-like expression, this is Umi, a sculpture by Daniel Popper.

The statue is inspired by the Greek goddess Gaia, the mother of all life. This symbolism is palpable in the design of the statue. Though cast in resin, the structure is primarily ligneous, with roots wrapping around Umi and plunging into the earth. You can even walk under the statue, so as to return to the womb of Mother Earth.

Umi was originally created as a set of five related sculptures, called “The Human Nature,” for the Morton Arboretum in Chicago. The exhibition in Chicago closed in February of 2023, and Umi was acquired and placed in Hogan Park in August of the same year. As Aurora Highlands is a new part of the city, Umi is actually one of the first occupants in this community. As both she and the incoming homeowners lay down their roots here, Umi will certainly welcome both residents and visitors alike to Hogan Park for the foreseeable future.

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Parking is currently on-street only, but the neighborhood is new and there is not a lot of traffic.

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