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Saint-André-du-Lac-Saint-Jean, Québec

Trou de la Fée - Protected Bat Cave

This three-chambered cave is the only protected natural bat hibernaculum in Quebec. 

A bat cave means a lot of things to a lot of people. Echo-filled chamber of horrors to some, home of superheroes to others, but the reality is far less intimidating.

The first thing you notice about about the Trou de la Fée cave park is that it’s mostly above ground. Rickety walkways take visitors and scientists along hillsides and across rushing rivers and gentle waterfalls. It seems far more like a pleasant parkland than a cave of spooky, flying mammals. That’s because, as with most bat habitats, the entrance to the lair is very small, just barely hinting at the vast network of caves below the surface.

The area, and the wildlife beneath it, are protected by the government. That makes this land incredibly delicate to visit, and it’s the only bat habitat to earn such protection.

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