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Toše Proeski Memorial House

Krusheva, North Macedonia

The cross-shaped memorial is filled with kitschy tributes to the late pop star.  


If there’s one thing the Albanians, Macedonians, Roma, Aromanians, and other citizens of North Macedonia share, it’s the admiration they have for Toše Proeski, or at the very least, the sorrow caused by his early tragic death.

Proeski, born 1981 in Krushevo to Aromanian parents, was a talented singer who enjoyed considerable success and fame across the Balkans with his numerous pop music hits. But the attention given to him skyrocketed after his untimely death in a car accident.

Since he died, a sort of a Proeski-cult was created across the former Yugoslavia, celebrating not only his singing skills, but also his benevolent personality. It is no exaggeration to say that the Toše Proeski Memorial House in Kruševo is the epicenter of this “cult.” If Tošeism was a religion, this would be its cathedral. The building is appropriately shaped like a cross, inspired by the fact that Proeski was a believer.

The shape of the building, however, is the least peculiar thing about it. The lonely guard, ticket vendor, and bartender give the whole place a Lynchesque vibe, but what really makes this place worth the visit is the collection.

Somebody somehow managed to collect everything and anything related to Proeski’s life and put it all in one place in his hometown. And that means literally everything—cheap China-produced memorabilia, all of his medals and awards, all of his school diplomas, tons of fan mail, a lot of the objects he used to own (including a synthesizer, a motorbike, and a bicycle), and a huge number of photos of him. You’ll also spot several life-sized wax statues of questionable quality and his most famous quote (“I love you all”) printed in relief all over the walls of the memorial.

Know Before You Go

Free parking is available. Photos are not allowed inside the memorial. 

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January 14, 2020

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