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Torre de Vallferosa

Torà, Spain

This medieval fortification has weathered the centuries better than any other structure from its era. 


Built in the 10th century as a part of a planned system of visually interlinked defense towers, the Torre de Vallferosa is a deceptively significant architectural relic. 

The tower itself is of simple design consisting of a single round tower which, well, towers over the surrounding trees. The tall spire stands over 100 feet tall with a number of wide windows near the top from which archers could rain down a volley while still protecting themselves via a system of wooden planks. The other floors were used for less clear reasons, but it is likely that the tower served as storage space, jail, and military hub at various times. The building is made of crude stone and mortar that would have been more than strong enough to rebuff the weaponry of the time. The Torre de Vallferosa stands as one of the most pristine examples of medieval architecture in the world, and while it no longer defends the surrounding lands, it ably protects the memory of medieval ingenuity. 


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