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Top of Africa is permanently closed.

Top of Africa

One of the tallest buildings in Africa provides a great view of Johannesburg's unique geography. 


Located on the 50th floor of Johannesburg’s Carlton Centre, the Top of Africa viewing deck allows visitors to take in the city’s unique geographic features.

What was once a part of a bustling luxury hotel, the towering observation deck looks out over the urban sprawl all around and more than a few features stick out. The most evident feature is the abundance of trees in the city which, at over a million in the surrounding area, makes it the world’s largest urban forest. Another notable feature is the complete lack of large bodies of water. Johannesburg is the only city of its massive size in the world that is not located near a major source of water. The Carlton is the tallest building in Africa, and at one point was the tallest in all of the southern hemisphere, seeing to it that the Top of Africa observation deck lives up to its name.

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