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Tianmen Skywalk

For those with no fear of heights: a skywalk 4,700 feet up on a Chinese mountain. 


Tianmen or “Heavenly Gate” mountain is named for the enormous gaping hole in the center of the rock that appears as a sunlit portal to another world. The mountain, which towers over the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, has just acquired even more reason to associate itself with the lofty firmament.

A terrifying glass walkway slithers around the vertical cliffs of the mountain, bringing adrenaline junkies to new heights. The skywalk sits 4,700 feet up the mountain, offering breathtaking views and spine-tingling thrills. The crystal clear bridge is 3 feet wide, 2 1/2 inches thick and winds around the mountain for 200 feet. While the landscape imparts a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, this is one scenic route you’ll want to walk gazing downward. The skyway offers a unique vista of the mountainous summits that launch out of the dense foliage of the park underneath. Clouds sometimes obscure the spectacle underfoot, but hey, it’s not everyday you get to walk on a cloud.

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