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Thomas Paine Society

Political debates in a fabulous Pasadena castle. 


The American political philosopher Thomas Paine once wrote that “The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark”, and since 1993 the Society that bears his name has been in the business of enlightenment via the dissemination of Paine’s ideas.

Founded by real estate investor George Holtz who was a member of the Castle Green Board of Directors, as well as an owner of many of the units, the Society was naturally based at the historic building.

One of the unique ways that the Society promotes Paine’s political thinking is through the Headstrong Evening Club, live events in which actors portray Paine and other historical figures engaged in debate on political controversies from the past and present. To make Paine’s works available to researchers and members, the Society in 2011 inaugurated the Thomas Paine Research Library, which is also located in Castle Green.


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