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The Zoo, Groovy Yard Art

Mineral Bluff, Georgia

The only zoo where you can buy animals that won't need feeding.  


The Zoo, Groovy Yard Art is a tongue and cheek zoo that is home to thousands of animals. However, these animals are artistic renditions composed of various mediums. Many are crafted from some combination of metal, aluminum, and wood.

As visitors walk around the art installation, information panels provide interesting facts about all of the animals, many of which have cartoon characteristics. Some of these unique artistic renditions can be purchased. 

A few of the features of the zoo are 12-foot tall giraffes, along with recreations of bears, roosters, elephants, horses, velociraptors, and dragons that blow smoke. It’s truly a unique experience. This unusual location can be found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia


Know Before You Go

Admission is free and the art installation is around 15 minutes from Blue Ridge, GA. Open Monday - Saturday 9 am - 7 pm and Sundays 10:00 pm - 5 pm. Admission is Free. Great trip for the family. The Zoo...Groovy Yard Art can be contacted at (706) 374-3441.  

In partnership with KAYAK

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