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The World's Smallest Hotel - Eh'häusl

Amberg, Germany

This extremely narrow tenement boasts a maximum occupancy of just two. 


At only 2.5m wide, this tiny accommodation doesn’t have a lot of room. It works out to about 53 square meters of space for one hotel.

With a claim of the smallest hotel in the world and an occupancy of no more than two people it’s unlikely to host a conference any time soon, but Eh’häusl does host a steady stream of quirky travelers looking for any unique experience they can find – even if that experience means sleeping in a room in which you can outstretch your arms and almost touch both walls at once.

Built in 1728, the building actually served an important purpose in the Bavarian town of Amberg. At the time of its construction, in order to get married a couple had to own property. For those that couldn’t afford the purchase of a conventional piece of property, they could buy the Eh’häusl.

Erected between two other houses already there, the narrow spot wasn’t intended to be a home. Instead it was a temporary address to appease the town council’s bylaw. Once rings were on fingers, the house could be sold to the next couple in line.

Now it’s a tiny little luxury hotel for two at a time. While narrow, it’s tall enough for a variety of rooms, including a bedroom, bathroom, salon/sitting area and fireplace room. There isn’t an area for staff, though; when staying in the Eh’häusl, guests are the only ones there for the most part.

Legend has it that any couple who stays at the hotel will live a happy life together.

Know Before You Go

Walking from the train station:
Head northwest on An den Gleisen toward Schwaigerstraße
Turn left onto Schwaigerstraße
Schwaigerstraße turns slightly right and becomes Ruoffstraße
Turn left toward Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring
Turn left onto Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring
Turn right onto Bahnhofstraße
Continue onto Rathausstraße
Continue straight onto Marktplatz
Continue onto Georgenstraße
Turn right onto Viehmarktgasse
Turn left onto Viehmarkt
Continue onto Seminargasse

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