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The "Up" House

A replica that won't float away. 


Amidst the mountains of Utah, the “Up” house is not exactly surrounded by the industrial wasteland that consumed Carl’s dream house in the movie. But other than that, every detail of the replica is perfect, down to the painted names on the mailbox out front.

With permission from the Disney company, Bangerter Homes, a custom construction company, began work on a reconstruction of the house from the popular animated movie. Working off of the exterior and only a few rooms shown during the film, the three brothers who comprise Bangerter began crafting the details they knew on the exterior like the mailbox and the white picket fence out front.

Moving inside, work began on creating the living room, the nursery and of course, the armchairs the couple rests in throughout the beginning of the movie. Each piece was custom-made, and the finished 2,800 square-foot home is now on the market for $399,000 allowing super fans of the movie to live out an animated dream in expansive Utah.

Know Before You Go

It is private property with a sign on the gate stating that a few photos from outside are fine, but anything else, like filming or entrance, requires permission. It's accessible from the center of Herriman, Utah.

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