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The Underwater Room at Manta Resort

Stay in your own little bubble. 


The Underwater Room appears to float, buoy-like, upon the surface of the crystalline waters off the coast of Tanzania. In reality each corner is tethered to the ocean floor, so have no fear about floating adrift at sea. Guests are anchored in place, but they have submarine views of the ocean life around them.

A little wooden structure, serenely set atop the turquoise ocean waters. Guests can swim (obviously), sunbathe and stargaze on the suite’s deck; pristine views of the Milky Way are visible due to Pemba’s physical isolation. But of course the Underwater Room’s real appeal lies, well, underwater. Beneath the wooden deck is a cozy bedroom containing just one neat little bed, but beyond the windows on all four sides is the blue wonderland of the Indian Ocean. Entire schools of fish eddy past, and curious angelfish may peer in to see what you’re up to.

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