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'The Storyteller'

This fountain was commissioned by a mother grieving over her son's passing.  


In the busy city of Birmingham, Alabama, there are quite a few hidden obscurities. One such object is The Storyteller fountain at Five Points South.

This work of art was commissioned by a mother in memory of her murdered son, who was an art dealer. Construction began in 1983 and the fountain was unveiled in 1992 by Frank Fleming.

Fleming wanted the piece to convey a “peaceful kingdom” by portraying a ram reading to other animals. The ram in question is meant to symbolize the mother’s son. The commissioner was art dealer Malcolm McRae’s mother. She wanted a work of art that would stand in remembrance of her son. 

The fountain is open to the public and can be seen when driving down 20th street in downtown Birmingham. The fountain is open 24 hours a day. 

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