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New Orleans, Louisiana

The Singing Oak

This New Orleans tree is filled with hidden chimes that produce a carefully tuned melody. 

The expansive branches of the Singing Oak, or Chime Tree, provide shade and coordinated melodies from the beautiful wind chimes hung from the giant oak by local artist Jim Hart.

The Singing Oak is perched in the heart of City Park, just down the road from the New Orleans Museum of Art. During the summer, the oak provides a reprieve from the sultry Louisiana heat, and enchanting tunes from the wind chimes strung from the branches. The chimes are all tuned to ring out in the pentatonic scale, and are painted black so as to blend in with the natural shadows of the arbor. The chimes range in size, with one of the instruments reaching a length of 14 feet long. The harmonious effect is that of a relaxing, tinkling symphony.

Although the Singing Oak is in plain sight of visitors, not many people know about this hidden New Orleans gem. Take a few minutes to sit beneath the Chime Tree and walk away just a little bit more relaxed than when you arrived.

Know Before You Go

Parking nearby is difficult. Chimes are not up during all seasons.

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