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The Satanic Temple

The headquarters in Salem doubles as an occult art gallery. 


From the outside, this building looks like the many other colonial-style mansions scattered throughout New England. But inside, you’ll find occult art and the headquarters of the Satanic Temple.

The Satanic Temple (TST) is a non-theistic group that was founded in 2013. It uses the figure of Satan to advocate for separation of church and state, lest all religions be equal under the law including Satanism. TST members are political activists who stand up to causes where they feel the divide between religion and law has blurred, such as in circumstances like same-sex marriage and abortion.

Though TST has chapters spread throughout the United States, it lacked a flagship temple until the fall of 2016, when the organization opened its headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. The temple is the organization’s first location that’s open to the public. Somewhat surprisingly, it opened with little protest.

The temple houses an art museum, gift shop, and a visitors only “surprise” on the premises. Much of the art is a critique on organized religion. There’s even a library featuring literature about the Satanic Panic that spread throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The temple is also where the organization’s notorious Baphomet monument has found a semi-permanent home. It’ll stay safe within the Salem house until it’s allowed to be displayed on state property.

Know Before You Go

It's on a street in a more residential area of Salem. Traveling here is a bit out of the way from the downtown area. Halloween season sports extended hours. Content is mature.

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