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The Ruins in Talisay

Talisay City, Philippines

A once great mansion stands in stately ruin. 


According to the story, in the early 20th century sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson built his ten bedroom Italianate mansion in memory of his wife, who had died during the pregnancy of his 11th child.

Located on a sugar plantation in the Negros Occidental province of the Philippines, WWII Filipino guerrillas employed by the US Armed forces intentionally set the building on fire in order to prevent invading Japanese forces from being able to use the building as a headquarters. The intention was to burn it to the ground.

Despite smoldering for several days, the walls and foundation of Don Lacson’s once stately home remained sound.

After sitting idle for decades, the grounds at Talisay have been restored and reopened to the public, though the mansion is still without windows, a roof, interior walls, and much of the floor that once divided the first and second stories.

Today the Ruins is a picturesque tourist destination with a restaurant nearby. It  is a popular venue for weddings and other social events.

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