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Old Forge Pub

Knoydart, Scotland

A pub that is literally in the middle of nowhere, but continues to do business. 


Some people make an effort to go off the beaten path to find a good place to throw a few back, but this community-owned pub in Scotland is not only off the beaten path, it doesn’t even have a road.

The Old Forge in Scotland is the proud title holder of ″Most remote bar in the world″ according to the Guinness book of World Records, and it’s fair to say they earned it. The easiest and most affordable way to reach the pub is by a ferry affectionately called ″Brucie″ by the Pub staff. Brucie only runs twice a day, but you can also get a private trip over to the pub from one of the local boats if the ferry times don’t adhere to your drinking schedule.

A dryer option of getting to the pub is by car, but it’s important to keep in mind that there is literally no road that will take you to the actual location. You’ll have to park in Mallaig and hoof it to the pub in Knoydart - a car ride that will get you remotely close to the pub can take up to four hours through the Scottish countryside. The website even suggests that you stop by the coffee shops and local landmarks on your way there, because if you’re going to take that long of a drive to get to a bar, you might as well make a day of it.

Perhaps journeying to the pub by steam train is more your style? You can take the Glenfinnan Viaduct that was made famous by the Harry Potter movies. The train won’t take you to a school of magic, but perhaps a few drinks will make you feel wizardly, and there’s a good chance you’ll manage to summon up a hangover if you have a few more.

If you really want to turn it into an adventure, you can always walk. The best paths to the pub on foot are through Glendessary forest, Glen Meadall, or Kinlochhourn. They say that getting to the pub on foot is by far one of the most rewarding ways to get there, as there’s nothing like a thick steak and a dark beer after a weary day’s hike.   

Update as of August 2022: The pub has been owned by the local community as a non-profit venture.

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