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Edinburgh, Scotland

The King's Chamber

This was once a hall in which a 16th-century royal banquet was hosted by King James VI of Scotland.  

The King’s Chamber was once the hall in which King James VI of Scotland and his wife, Anne of Denmark, hosted a royal dinner party for the Duke of Holstein, Anne’s brother.

The exposed ceiling beams are still painted with the original designs for the 1598 banquet, featuring emblems including the Crown of Scotland and the double-headed eagle—the symbol of the Holy Roman Empire—of which the Duke of Holstein was a prince. 

The banquet included wild and tame fowl, boiled ham, Dutch ham, venison, quail, plus two large casks of wine, three barrels of Bordeaux, five gallons of claret, a tun of English beer, and forty-four barrels of ale.

Today, The King’s Chamber can be rented as a short-term holiday flat, letting visitors sleep beneath a ceiling that once witnessed a royal party and 400 years of history. It was recently renovated, and the painted beams have been painstakingly restored after being hidden from view for several centuries. Although one wouldn’t recommend eating or drinking quite this much, this self-contained, private apartment also includes an eat-in kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Know Before You Go

The King's Chamber is just a five-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle, and less than 10 minutes walking from Edinburgh Waverley Station. Due to the age of the building, this apartment is not suitable for guests with mobility issues, as the apartment is accessed via a narrow wooden stair of 12 steps. You can book the flat via Airbnb.

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