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The Hidden Village of Galboly

This village provides a glimpse at rural life in Northern Ireland during the mid-20th-century. 


Tucked into the Antrim coast hills at Garron Point near the historic village of Carnlough is a hidden gem where visitors can explore stone-walled buildings, walk along the perimeter walls, study old thatched cottages, and even take in majestic views above the village along the Garron Plateau.

The village of Galboly, meaning “the English dairy place” was once a thriving rural village where people lived off the land and sea. Many of the residents worked on the nearby Garron Estate as farmers, which is now Garron Tower Secondary School.

The village was also known as the “robber’s village,” as it was rumored that residents were known to rob unsuspecting tourists traveling in jaunting carts up and down the Antrim Coast Road during the 1800s to the 1960s.

At one point, it’s believed the village was home to over 60 inhabitants, but by the 1950s this had wilted down to six individuals. Many residents left due to unemployment as industrialization took over the agriculture sector. The last person to live in the village was a monk from the Abbey at Portglenone. He resided in the village until his death in 2013.

Since the passing of the last resident, the village and area have become a popular film location where several scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed. The area has also become a popular walking/hiking location among tourists. 

Know Before You Go

Galboly is on privately owned land and should only be accessed with permission from the landowner.

Drive along the Antrim Coast Road past the town of Larne and the coastal villages of Ballygally, Glenarm, and Carnlough until you pass the Car Park for Garron Point (Headland Landmark). Before you get to the village of Waterfoot you should see one of two laybys on the right-hand side of the road. Park at the first layby and on the other side of the road there is a steel gate which you can pass through and follow the stone/earthy trail up into the hills.

There, you will come to a gate that opens up onto a Chalk Limestone path that leads to the hidden village. If you park at the other layby closer to Waterfoot, pass through the steel gate on the other side of the road and follow the stone gravel path all the way to the village. 

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