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The Greyhound Hall of Fame

Abilene, Kansas

A museum where visitors can learn about greyhounds and (more importantly) pet them. 


The welcoming committee at the Greyhound Hall of Fame includes not only the perky greyhound statue out front, but two very real greyhounds named Gary and Jade who hang out just inside the doorway and love company.

The friendly doggies are retired racers, living life at a slightly slower speed these days. With their light but muscular builds, big hearts, and crazy flexible spines, greyhounds can run at up to 45 miles per hour. There are very few mammals capable of quicker acceleration over short distance. Although the breed was principally used for hunting for much of its history, greyhound racing took off in the 1920s, taking strong root in the United States. The Greyhound Hall of Fame is devoted to celebrating the champions of the racing world - dog and human alike.

The building opened in 1973 and has attracted both casual travellers and greyhound fanatics over its many years of operation. Although the exhibits cover the history of the sport and the intricacies of breeding, a large portion of the museum is devoted to displays featuring each of the inductees. One of the most notable honorees is Molotov, a handsome and (literally) dashing dog, who became one of the most sought after sires in America. By the time of his death in 2006, he had fathered a staggering 7,600 puppies.

Tales like that one are a good example of how a niche museum isn’t just for die-hards - all the good stuff is in the details. 

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