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The God's Bridge

Akchour, Morocco

Reaching this rock formation involves a hike through rocky rapids and springs where wild turtles reproduce.  


Not very far from Chefchaouen, Morocco’s so-called “Blue City,” curious travelers who love challenging hiking will be taken aback by the natural beauty of The God’s Bridge. This rare rock formation unites the extremes of two mounts that at first glance resemble the color of clay. 

It is not a bridge that visitors can walk across, but instead, it can be admired from below where the pristine waters of a waterfall collide creating a beautiful spring that runs a few miles through rock formations. 

It is unsure who named the formation or when it was first discovered, but people in Chefchaouen talk about the bridge with a mix of reverence, pride, and the joy of having a place so close that incorporates nature and a sense of divinity. 

Know Before You Go

In Akchour there is a well-known guide named Fadal, who lives in a house in the nearby mountains. He has experience taking hikers and campers on a couple of days journey through the Western Rif to the Mediterranean town of Targha, where the views of the ocean are awesome and only a few tourists get to go. 

Also, despite the fact that Chefchaouen is located in the mountainous region of the Western Rif, the city's specialty is sardine tagine. A great hidden restaurant to try it is called Bab Ssour, but there are so many restaurants in the old quarter of the city where you can also find the dish.

Make sure to bring enough water to avoid dehydration, and if you plan to take on the risk of jumping through the wet rocks that lead to "God's Bridge," make sure to bring hiking shoes with good traction to avoid any injury.   

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September 17, 2021

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