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The East Coast Troll is permanently closed.

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The East Coast Troll

Pompano Beach, Florida

A tiny twin to Seattle's Fremont troll hides from the Florida sun under the Atlantic Boulevard drawbridge. 


Underneath the Atlantic Boulevard Drawbridge in Pompano Beach sits an eight-inch tall troll made of clay clutching a tiny Matchbox Honda C-RV. The piece is a tiny, tucked-away homage to Seattle’s 18-foot tall Fremont Troll, connecting the coastal cities across 3,500 miles of distance, and offering the cross-country traveler the opportunity to bookend their journey with a visit to a troll.

Drawbridge up on your way to the beach? Head underneath to find this hidden little easter-egg, watch the boat’s pass by, and get a Troll’s Eye View of original murals painted by local marine artist Dennis Friel. The East Coast Troll invites locals and visitors alike to explore the newly redesigned Atlantic Boulevard Drawbridge on foot.  

The East Coast Troll was installed in 2021 during the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (GISH). To satisfy people’s thirst for roadside attractions, exacerbated by COVID lockdown, Gish proposed new attractions be brought into smaller neighborhoods to serve local communities.

Find the troll hiding from the sun under the Southwest side of the drawbridge!

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