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The Cows of Ventspils

Ventspils, Latvia

The Latvian city of Ventspils is filled with dozens of cow statues showcasing unique themes.  


The small, coastal city of Ventspils in Latvia has hosted the international CowParade twice, once in 2002 and again in 2012. The event is considered one of the world’s largest public art events and features dozens of cow sculptures. However, a few of the sculptures never left.  Since the last parade, their numbers in Ventspils have grown.

Today, Ventspils is home to dozens of cow statues, both large and small, simple and abstract. No cow is normal and each represents a unique theme. Many have become tourist attractions in their own right, like the “Sea Cow” and the “Travelling Cow.”

Many smaller, similar sculptures are spread throughout the city like easter eggs, just waiting to be discovered by curious travelers 

Know Before You Go

The cows are located throughout the city of Ventspils, but especially along the river (Ostas iela) and in the city center. 

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