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The Clinic is permanently closed.

The Clinic

"Would you like your sangria in an IV bag, or straight-up?" 


Medical themed bar and eatery in the heart of Singapore’s Clarke Quay district takes pharmacopoeia to new levels, all in “tribute” to contemporary artist Damien Hirst.

With wheelchairs as the standard seating, hospital beds for a more reclined dining experience, drinks served in test tubes, all the patrons lit in a bright glow shining from a operating lights, and the servers in medical whites, the restaurant stays true to its Hospital theme.

Designed by the Dutch firm “Concrete Architects,” while at times the restaurant feels like an exciting and interesting idea, for the most part the IV cocktail drips, pill shaped food and the Damien Hirst art hanging everywhere feels a bit more like a theme party, than high dining.

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July 7, 2010

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