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Tequendama Falls Museum

San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia

This picturesque mansion has gone from opulent ruin to nature museum. 


From a mansion to a hotel to a museum, the current Tequendama Falls Museum has never lost its view of the titular gorgeous falls. 

Built in 1923 to serve as a successful architect’s lush mountain mansion, the decadent cliffside abode was constructed as a symbol of the lush roaring ’20s. During the 1950s the house was to be expanded to become an 18-story hotel complex, but the construction plans petered out leaving the French-styled architecture intact. After serving its time as the Hotel del Salto, the grand old house was abandoned and left to cultivate moss and tales of hauntings.

Most recently the gorgeous building has been converted into the Tequendama Falls Museum, displaying wonders of the natural world to complement the organic beauty of the falls that inspired the building’s construction.   

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