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Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot

Promised Land, Australia

A huge maze complex and whimsical miniature village in Tasmania.  


This self-proclaimed “largest maze complex in the world” is a quirky family attraction in Tasmania’s Promised Land, backdropped by the picturesque Mount Roland. While sometimes classified as a theme park, this description doesn’t quite fit. There are no rides; in fact, there really isn’t anything mechanical or electric at all. Tasmazia is essentially a large maze, with other mazes nestled inside. 

Aside from the Great Maze, one of the world’s largest botanical mazes, the mazes include the Hampton Court Maze, the Yellow Brick Road Maze, the Hexagonal Maze, the Cage, the Irish Maze, the Confusion Maze and the Balance Maze. 

One of the main attractions at the park is the eponymous Village of Lower Crackpot, a quaint miniature village built to one-fifth scale. The Embassy Garden is another set of model buildings and icons representing locations around the world, or, in some cases, representing other worlds in the form of the buildings dedicated to intergalactic and time travel.

A quirky, occasionally subversive, sense of humor is present throughout the park. The Village of Lower Crackpot includes the “School of Lateral Thinking” and interplanetary balloon aviation. A monument to whistle-blowers can be found in the Embassy Garden.

Other features of the park include Cubby Town (a cluster of mini-buildings that kids can enter), Lower Crackpot’s Correctional Centre (a assortment of punishments such as faux stocks and a guillotine), and the Three Bears’ Cottage. The park also includes a working lavender farm, which is in full bloom in January.

Know Before You Go

This location is off the beaten path, even for Tasmania. Consider combining your visit with a visit to Cradle Mountain and Mole Creek's Marakoopa Cave glow worm tour. Sheffield, Tasmania's "Town of Murals" is also nearby and has several restaurant options.

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