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Although the Taos Pueblo is open to the public and has been studied extensively, much of the history of the Pueblo remains a mystery. According to Taos Indian custom, oral history is not divulged outside of the community, which has kept many of the secrets of the Taos Pueblo safe within the minds of the Taos Indians who still live there.

Despite the lack of an accurate record, most anthropologists place a settlement in the Taos Valley at 1000 CE, and the Taos Pueblo between 1000-1450 CE. Since that time, the sun-dried structure has continuously housed Taos Indians, and 150 people live there today full-time. Since it was built, the Pueblo has always been a residential complex, filled with multiple residences, connected by wall but not by door or window.

In the early days of the Pueblo people entered the home solely from the top of the structure, and doors were only added later as a modern update. Although the Pueblo has stood for 1000 years, repairs and upkeep happen almost constantly, as new layers of earth and straw are added to the exterior, and timbers are replaced to maintain structural integrity.

Even though modern upkeep occurs, the Taos Pueblo still remains obstinate in its connection to its past, and the constant occupation of the Pueblo has created a steady link to Taos’ ancestors. Fighting to keep that link sacred, the Taos have also continued to maintain their separation from the rest of the United States. While they invite visitors to marvel at their world, they keep an arms length to protect the secret history of their land as a tradition for their community alone.

Know Before You Go

Taos Pueblo is located near Taos, in north central New Mexico