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Sarandë District, Albania

Syri i Kalter: The Blue Eye

A naturally beautiful, seemingly bottomless deep blue spring. 

Known locally as Syri i Kalter, this deep subsurface well, or “blue hole,” as they are often called, is breathtaking.

Reaching unknown depths, this blue hole in Albania’s Delvinë District is fed by an underground spring. Tourists travel from miles around for a glimpse of its natural beauty. Its name means “Blue Eye,” and it is mesmerizing to gaze into its portal. 

This spring is unique for its appearance as a deep sapphire blue “hole” beneath the surface of more tranquil turquoise water — a color scheme typically only observed in saltwater springs. Divers have made it down 50 meters into the water, but its true depth has yet to be revealed. 

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Only accessible by car

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