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Sveta Srca

A former church turned museum, complete with changing exhibitions. 


Founded by nuns of the Order of the Sacred Hearts, this church opened in 1908 and took the same name: Sveta Srca means “Sacred Hearts.” Following World War II, the order abandoned the church and adjoining convent, both being given over to the Archaeological Museum of Istria instead. The association used it as a warehouse and depot starting in 1958.

This use, and deficient building techniques, required major repairs and renovations after the Archaeological Museum vacated the building. Work began in 2007 after it was decided to update the building into a multimedia space that could rotate museo-graphical exhibitions and function as an art gallery.

In 1994, the idea was conceived to turn Sveta Srca into the multidisciplinary showcase it is now. From there until its reopening in the early 2010s, the transformation took around 20 years. One of its first exhibits showcased its recent history, displaying archaeological objects from Pula and Istria.

Art shows included one highlighting pottery pieces, while in late 2023, the exhibition took on the heavy subject of the weaponization of hunger in conflict, such as the fall of Yugoslavia in the late 20th century. The variety of subjects tackled by the space shows that it’s doing well in its new life.

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The museum is open from 9:30 am to 9 pm daily. Entrance is free.

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