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Stuttgart Cable Car

This old wooden funicular railway leads to a cemetery in the forest. 


Since 1929 this funicular railway has linked a cemetery in the middle of a forest with the city of Stuttgart in the valley nearly 300 feet below.

For funeral parties, the incline railway is a convenient form of transport to the burial grounds, but anyone can enjoy the short ride with views over the town, as the funicular is part of the local public transport system.

For visitors to town, a walk through the woods around the cemetery is a favorite getaway from the bustle of city life. There you will find the graves of local industrialists, philosophers, painters, politicians, writers, musicians, and even a German president.

The cars of the funicular are made of teak and mahogany, and are beautifully preserved. The two cars are connected with a long cable and use only one track except in the middle, where the ascending and descending car have to pass each other. 

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