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Steve Heller's Fabulous Furniture (and Sculpture Garden)

Boiceville, New York

Homemade rockets, dinosaurs, and robots make this New York small business much more than a furniture store. 


Boiceville, New York staple Steve Heller’s naturalistic, high quality, handmade furniture is enough to draw people to his shop, Fabulous Furniture, but it’s the strange and wonderful sculpture garden he has created in front of the place that is the real fantasy.

In addition to his furniture, since 1973 Heller has been creating highly unusual metal and wood sculptures. Inside his studio are amazing, finely crafted wood creations including one-of-a-kind tables and mirrors,  but it’s the scene outside that will have you rubber-necking if you drive by. The front lawn of his store is like a mini-sculpture garden built out of Heller’s every sci-fi whim.

There are larger-than-life scrap metal dinosaurs, weird robots made of automotive parts, cars that have been turned into retro-futuristic rockets, UFO’s, and even tricked-out classic hot rods. He also creates and fabricates unique cars on the site, so it’s no wonder that so much of his self-taught sculpture is made from auto parts.

In addition to the eclectic menagerie found outside of his shop, Heller has also been receiving a fair amount of attention from outside outlets including winning the New York Times Collectible Car of the Year Award for one of his custom roadsters in 2009, and having one of his works installed at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. His personal sculpture garden is always open to the public but please respect the “No Trespassing” signs that mark the boundary between his public art and personal life.

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